At Hashtag Bike Rental we have quality Mountain Bikes manufactured by Orbea to guarantee the best riding experience you can have in and around the area of Aljezur and beyond. The bikes are suitable for all terrains, roads and off-road trails. The MX range, which we offer in Small, Medium and Large sizes, has hydraulic disk brake systems, for power, reliability and low-maintenance. Improved lever feel and increased stopping power will make your ride safer and more fun.


Our smallest frame, ideal for teenagers & smaller adults


Our medium sized frame, suitable for average sizes


Our large frame,  for the taller individuals


For giants and long-legged types

Individual Price

DAYS  1  2  3  4  5  6   7

Group discounts

Road Bikes and eBikes are available on enquiry

Discounts apply for rental of 2 bikes or more

Prices from min. €10/day

Contact us for details

Repairs & Services

If your personal bike has problems, or simply needs a service, please contact us, or visit us in the shop. If we can help, we´d love to.